Research and Publications

  • Stimulate a wider and deeper awareness of women's problems.
  • To express views and ideas which reflect national/ international debates on women and empowerment.
Action Plan
  • Documentaries
  • Research and Publications of Conference Papers / Research Materials
  • News bulletins

Streevani ventures on participatory research projects and transform the results of these findings into writings and publications of various kinds and levels, to provide a basis for policy making decisions, actions and programmes. The research is facilitated by documentation and a reference library. Currently the Streevani bulletin "Birthing a new Vision" has been a way to bring about feminist consciousness.

Recent Publications

Some of the important Studies and Publications by Streevani
Sl No Publications Authors/Editors
1 Women as Equal Disciples: Unfinished Task of the Church (2016) Virginia Saldanha, Virghese Theckanath, Julie George
2 The Divine Feminine: Towards a Biblical Gynaecology (2015) Subhash Anand
3 Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act, 2013, Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012, The Criminal Law amendment Act, 2013 (simplified version), (2014) Women Religious Lawyers Forum
4 Gender justice and Catholic Church: Beliefs and Behaviours: A Scientific Study (2014) Streevani
5 Living Nirbhaya: Pathways to Violence Free Church and Society (2014) Varghese Theckanath S.G. and Julie George SSpS
6 Man Woman and God Talk: Gender Inclusive Language (2013) Julie George SSpS, Varghese Theckanath S.G.
7 Gender Relations in the Church: a call to wholeness and equal discipleship (2012) Astrid Lobo Gajiwala, Varghese Theckanath S.G., Raynah Braganza Passanha
8 Women's image making and shaping (1985) English Fr. Peter Fernando & Frances Yasas
9 Streevani Collage (1985) Frances Yasas
10 Struggling to be myself (1985) Sujatha Gothskar
11 Pan on Fire (English & Marathi) Sumitra Bhave
12 Images of women in Dalit Men's autobiographies Shobha Bhagavat
13 A Flower has bloomed Frances Yasas
14 "Bai" 16mm colour documentary film in Marathi Sumitra Bhave (Produced jointly by Streevani and Ishvani Kendra)
15 Mythakvani (English & Marathi) 1995
16 A Study of Innovative Development Projects by Religious Sisters (1997)
17 Emerging Indian Women - Seminar Papers (1996)
18 Women in Court (1997) Dr. Usha Bambawala