Vision Statement

Women as Equal Partners

Mission Statement

Integral Liberation and Promotion of Women's Dignity


  • Organizing women for self help and ensuring their rights
  • Legally empowering women in crisis
  • Improving the level of women's education and enhancing their skills
  • Awakening women towards empowerment

Core Values:

  • Seeing the divine in every human being
  • Zero tolerance to discrimination
  • Dignity of labour


  • Unionization of Domestic Workers
  • Capacity building of Domestic Workers and their dependents
  • Forming and strengthening community based organizations
    • Self Help Groups of Women
    • Solidarity Groups
    • Adolescent Girls' groups
  • Providing legal aid and legal education
  • Publications of Resource Materials / Conference Papers
  • Organizing conferences/workshops/consultations for women

The Streevani Logo

The logo depicts the figure of a woman standing upright in the heart of the globe, with arms up-lifted and facing the horizon of opportunities. She symbolizes the liberated, empowered woman - the goal and objective of Streevani. The figure is in the form of the nib of a writing pen, meaning she is the author of her own story; she writes her history. The pen stands for her aspirations through education and awakening to let her voice be heard and impacted in society. The strong blue represents strength.